“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers–strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman

When you choose midwifery care, you are participating in a time-honored tradition, in which the mother and baby are seen as more than the sum of their parts, are kept together, and are supported in their bonding process to ensure the healthiest transition. This begins in pregnancy with thorough prenatal care, and continues into the “fourth trimester.”

I base my practice on the idea that birth is a normal part of a healthy woman’s life cycle, and that, when undisturbed and allowed to unfold naturally in a calm and supportive environment, her laboring body will instinctively know how to bring her baby to the light.

The word midwife comes from the Old English Mit-wif, which means “with woman.” I am honored to be with women through the incredible process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the tender postpartum phase, to provide support, encouragement, a warm ear, and suggestions for easing common discomforts, and to help in facilitating as smooth as possible a journey. My role is to provide options to families, and as such, education is integral to the care I provide.Information is power! By presenting, in an unbiased way, options and information to the expectant family, they are able to choose best for themselves that which fits their lifestyle and aligns with their belief systems.

I provide services for home birth because what I have seen in practice is that labor works best when a woman is an environment that feels safe, familiar and comfortable to her. A labor that is healthy and efficient is best supported by the hormones that are activated in an intimate setting. Also, the power dynamic feels different – during your home birth, I am a guest in your home; it is your turf, and you are in charge. I am simply there as a guardian for a safe passage, and gentle transition. I carefully, but unobtrusively, monitor the health of mother and baby throughout the childbearing year, continuously assessing whether what is developing falls within the range of “normal,” or is a special circumstance requiring referral.

On the baby’s side of things…I hold as my highest thought that birth is where the deepest impressions of life are laid down, and work to facilitate an experience for the infant of love, connection, bonding, and gentle touch. I believe babies are fully-formed, sentient beings, who experience the same spectrum of emotions as an adult, with less filtration and more exquisite clarity. As such, I talk to and treat the baby with the same level of respect as I would anyone else.