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        Deciding to become a parent, growing a baby, and giving birth is one of the most important and miraculous events in our lives. When families feel safe and supported. It is an empowering and transformational experience, setting the stage for deep bonding and increased confidence in parenting. Being pregnant and giving birth deserves time, attention, care, and celebration! It is an event of a lifetime. What is more important than bringing life into the world? Or more important than being in control of your prenatal care and birth experience, under the guidance of a Professional, experienced Midwife?






      Wholistic Midwifery accepts most Health insurance. If your insurance does not cover our services, then our specialized practice will be an out-of-pocket expense.



Practice Reach

Wholistic Midwifery and Earthside Birth Suites is based in Carthage, NY. The radius of travel for Homebirth is up to a 45 Minute drivetime from there.

Pregnancy Photoshoot
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