Deciding to become a parent, growing a baby, and giving birth is one of the most important and miraculous events in our lives. When families feel safe and supported. It is an empowering and transformational experience, setting the stage for deep bonding and increased confidence in parenting. Being pregnant and giving birth deserves time, attention, care, and celebration! It is an event of a lifetime.What is more important than bringing life into the world? Or more important than being in control of your prenatal care and birth experience, under the guidance of a Professional, experienced Midwife?



        The base Fee for homebirth midwifery care is $5,600 if paid in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy (otherwise it's $7,000). This fee includes all prenatal care visits which are 1 hour long, 24 hour access to the midwife throughout the pregnancy and post-partum period, attendance at your birth, newborn evaluation, breastfeeding support, 2 home visits postpartum and a 6 week postpartum visit.

        Other fees include payment for an experienced midwife assistant at the birth ($500). This is paid separately to her at the 36 week home visit. This is required. Each expecting family is also responsible for purchasing their personal birth supplies ($50-$150). Mileage and billing fees are also outside of the global package. Lab work, ultrasounds, and consultations with other providers are also not included in the base fee but are generally covered under insurance plans. "Problem visits" are not included in the base fee and might include a visit for a UTI or extra monitoring for the baby, etc. A doula is an added benefit to help support you with your labor and birth and strongly suggested if this is your first birthing experience.

        To secure your care with Wholistic Midwifery, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of your first visit. This is deducted from the final balance.

        Wholistic Midwifery accepts cash, certified check or credit card only.





        Clients will receive an itemized bill from Wholistic Midwifery after the birth which they submit to the insurance company. Reimbursement then comes after the billing is submitted and accepted. Reimbursement usually comes between 2-6 months.

        Every insurance company is different and covers home birth to varying degrees. Wholistic Midwifery is considered "out of network" for all insurance companies. We recommend that you call your insurance company to find out if home birth is covered by an "out of network" provider and what the "allowable amount" is for a homebirth. This "allowable amount" is the amount insurance companies set for reimbursements. It is not dependent on Wholistic Midwifery's fee. You can ask your company to run a "test case" to find out what the "allowable amount" is.

Practice Reach

Wholistic Midwifery is based in Carthage, NY. The radius of travel is up to a 1 hour drivetime from there.

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